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Frequently asked questions

Please read below notices before your vaccination

CDC pre-vaccination checklist

Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine information

Moderna COVID vaccine information

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID vaccine information

Frequently asked questions

Will I need an ID or proof of employment?
If you are in Phase 1A to 1C due to your profession, you may be asked for proof of employment and you may also be asked for proof of age or if under 65yr old, please bring your list of meds/medical conditions(does not need to be official).

Is there a charge for the vaccine?
The vaccine itself is free. The administrators can charge a fee to patients’ insurance for administration fee to cover the cost of collecting, screening, administering, monitoring, reporting duties related to the vaccine.  However, Hillcrest Pharmacy is new and not yet contracted with insurance companies, we are in the process to get this done. We hope to get the contracts soon to bill the administration fees and recover some costs.  Please bring your insurance cards. If you are a Medicare recipient please bring your red, white & blue Medicare card. If you have a private plan, please bring your Medical and Pharmacy benefit cards. Medicaid recipients can bring Medicaid ID card. 

Can I change my appointment or bring my spouse or another person?
No.  Appointment is reserved only for 1 person who completed the survey. Due to limitations of available doses and in accordance with guidelines we cannot honor walk-ins at this time.  If you cannot make the assigned spot, please email us as soon as possible.


How do I get more information about the vaccines?
Questions about vaccines should be directed to your physician or ask your trusted Hillcrest Pharmacist at the time of appointment. You may also utilize the resources on our website and CDC/State of PA dept of health website.  


How should I prepare for my appointment?
Wear proper clothing so the pharmacist can access your upper arm easily. Plan to wait 15 minutes after appointment in your car. If you have a reaction or do not feel well, please return to the pharmacy immediately.


You can also visit our webpage for update Frequently asked questions.


We thank everyone for their cooperation and our volunteers.

Melissa and the Hillcrest Pharmacy Team  

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